Free workouts and recipes?

There are a TON of fitness resources on the internet. But these three are the ones I suggest you stay subscribed to, simply because I’ve found them SO helpful over the years.

And hey, you don’t lose 25+ pounds just hoping to find time and going off instinct. 🙂


want good resources
Emails to keep:

MyFitnessPal — for a long time a thought MFP was just for tracking calories but their newsletter is really helpful. Just recently they emailed me about the UA Health Box, A Beginners Guide to Meal Planning, and The Healthiest Picks at Fast Food restaurants.

Helpful, right? Google them and get on their list!

Self Magazine — For a while I wasn’t a big fan of Self Magazine because the content was really vain and superficial. But things have changed, and best of all, they send out good info. For example, articles like “15 Low-Carb Dinners under 400 Calories,” and “6 Moves That Burn a Ton of Calories.”

Again, google them. But make sure you actually try the ideas they give you otherwise it all just turns into new clutter to replace the stuff you already unsubscribed from!

Wanna feel good? Choose good resources. Then take action. And enjoy the great results!


Which email do you find most helpful when you need to re-focus and get back on track?



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