Anchor to Your Goal with This Technique That Works

Some of you may know that I am a Weight Watchers member and I’ve found success losing weight while following their plan. I hope to someday be a receptionist or even a meeting leader for WW so that I can help others accomplish their weight loss goals like I have. I’m not quite there yet though, because you have to be within 10 lbs of your goal weight to qualify as a receptionist. So I’m workin’ on it. 🙂 But in the meantime I can share with you one great tip I’ve learned from attending WW meetings and keeping myself on track:


Anchoring is a method where you take your goal — in this case, weight loss — and attach it to something that will help you break through your obstacles and keep pushing forward, especially when you’re in your weakest moments. For many people in my meeting, it’s a photo of themselves “before” they started Weight Watchers. If they keep that picture around, they’ll see it from time to time and it will serve as a reminder that they don’t want to go back to where they came from. For others it’s something like a piece of jewelry that they wear every day, or a sticky note on their computer monitor at work.

For me, my anchor is a mental visualization of what I call “Future Me.” I use it when I’m having a difficult time saying “no” to my favorite treats, or when I’m really tempted to get that second or third helping that I know I don’t need, or when I’m in the middle of a very challenging workout and I want to quit. I have a vision of myself at goal: thin, lean, healthy, powerful, happy, confident. I’ve imagined it so vividly that it’s almost like a memory that I can call on very quickly when necessary. I can imagine that I AM that girl, that Future Me can handle this situation, Future Me doesn’t need dessert with this meal right now, or Future Me can handle this workout no problem because she’s got the muscles and the energy it requires. Future Me is ME, so if she can do it in the future, I can do it now. So I do.

And it works! Try it yourself, and if it doesn’t stick the first time around then just keep working at it. It’ll take some time to get the vision down clear enough that it seems like a real memory already, but once you get it — boy does it come in handy. Then come back and tell me here in the comments or on facebook how you did and how it’s working out for you. I’m here for you!

Take care!




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