Two Minute Hack to Focus and Get Back on Track

It’s not as bad as you think, I promise!

You’re so far off track you don’t even know where to start.

Agree or disagree?

Everyone feels this way at some point or another. But you may feel disappointed in your progress.

Especially at this time of year when all the shiny six pack ab photos on instagram start trending and everyone and their mother is now a beachbody coach. I don’t know about you but I’ve seen a few too many “before and after” photos for it being only 11 days into 2016.

Give up sugar!
Give up chocolate!
Follow this cleanse for 3 days!
Drink a gallon of water!

Getting healthy can be really overwhelming. How do you filter out the bad ideas from the good ideas?

When you’re stressed out and too busy to make good eating and fitness choices, how do you re-focus?

only you can make you happy

Don’t worry, I got you. I’m here to help! I’ve got a tip for ya!

UNSUBSCRIBE. Take two minutes to unsubscribe from the stuff that doesn’t help you grow happier. How do you know which emails? The ones you “Mark as read” or open and close just so they don’t show up as new anymore.

Unsubscribe from all of them! Scroll to the bottom and opt out so you can get rid of the stuff that isn’t helping you feel better.

Let go of the digital clutter that’s making you feel bad about yourself.

UNFOLLOW. Turn off notifications from the facebook friends who come up on your feed with bad news or drama every day. You don’t need their bad vibes. You don’t have to unfriend them — just click no the little arrow on their post and choose to unfollow them.

Filter the stuff that you see on your facebook feed so you only get good news and uplifting (or funny!) inspiration.

Get a restraining order against all distractions and bad influences. 50 mile radius.

Then focus on YOU and get your stuff together. Do something fun!

-Smell a nice candle
-Put a great song on and dance by yourself for three minutes
-Take a five minute walk in fresh air
-Watch a comedy hour on netflix
-Paint your nails in a color you haven’t used for a while

Take care of yourself! Make yourself happy.


Go through your email right now and unsubscribe from something you haven’t read in the past two weeks. How do you feel afterward? Share what you LET GO in the comments below!

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