Reward yourself for your successful weight loss efforts!

IronMan3What an awesome weekend I had! Spent Friday with my bestie, hanging out, window shopping, shopping, and ended the day with another showing of Iron  Man 3. I love spending time with her — we laugh the same, shop the same, deal with our problems the same (by laughing and shopping).

Not really, but you know what I mean.

I was glad to have her as my support system this weekend when I went into Athleta and tried on some awesome pants I saw on one of the slim-legged dummies. I have this new (bad) habit of thinking I still wear an L or XL in all brands just because I went for so long either needing baggy clothes or purposely wearing baggy clothes to cover myself up. Keep in mind I’m writing to you regarding my own personal relationship with weight and slimming down and it’s not my intention to insult anyone who does wear at large or extra large size. Your journey begins where YOU begin and ends where you find success.


When one of the sales girls asked me what size I wear, I automatically said “Large.” Then she looked at me and said “what size are those?” referring to the cropped jeans I was wearing and I said “Uh, 10 or 12?” I really have no idea what size I wear these days. And she said “I don’t think you’re a large, you’re probably a medium petite or regular.” I tried it on an voila, perfecto!

My bestie was really happy for and WITH me. A size medium! Huzzah! Anyway, she showed her support by paying me for half of the total and we walked out squealing like girls who just won something cute.

My point today is that I’d like to encourage you to reward yourself with something really cute and fantastic whenever you reach a point of success on your journey. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a number on the scale (because goodness knows, that can vary based on what hour of the day it is) or a size that you comfortably fit into, or even a “no” that you say to something you really wanted but decided you could go without. Reward yourself! And the reward could be anything — pants, jewelry, a day off, a massage. One time I bought a cute whale soap dispenser from Target and that was enough for me. Make it something that you personal enjoy and share your success with a loved one. It will make the experience that much more enjoyable.

Take care!



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