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Have you heard that song by New Kids on the Block  called “Remix (I Like The)” ? Besides the fact that I was a serious NKOTB fangirl in the 90’s, I seriously like that song. I bought it this morning after hearing it with the music video on MTV (yeah, MTV still plays videos, you just have to be up at 7:00am to see them) and ended up listening to it on a loop on my way back from my Monday night U-Jam Fitness class.  That song has some serious ego boosters in its lyrics. Check it out:

See no one ever knew
She was a transformer
Went straight from a 2
To an I just wanna own ya

I like the new you
Forget about the old school
I love the sexy thing you turned into
So gimme the v2
Some of that love fuel
I like the beat that your body moves to

I’m speechless – come on

How would you feel if someone described you that way? Maybe sexy transformers isn’t really your goal, but you know what I mean. What if someone used some amazing words to describe how amazing you’ve become and how you’ve changed so much for the better in comparison to the old you. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well I can tell you, “amazing” is a great way to describe what it’s like to look back on what you formerly were and be proud of what you’ve become.

So what’s holding you back? How can you make a change in your life right now — tonight — to get you in a more preferable direction than where you’re headed now? Small steps will get you to where you need to go. Pick one small, simple step, and take it this week. Let me know in the comments what your goal is and we’ll help keep each other accountable! Take care and have a great week!


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