Give to charity and love what you do!

First of all:

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Thank you veterans and all current military who work every day to ensure our country is protected! God bless you all. 🙂


In other news:

This weekend I had the pleasure of running a fundraising class to raise money for a friend’s family who is running the Team Parkinson marathon in San Francisco on father’s day this year. Her father has Parkinson’s disease, and she approached me after I did my fundraiser for The American Cancer Society back in March. The event this last Saturday turned out really well — it’s amazing how much heart people put into helping a really great charity. Lots of love and lots of CARDIO in that room during a 90-minute U-Jam Fitness® class with six instructors, including myself.


Nights like Saturday night are great reminders of why I love doing what I do: It’s fun, it helps people do healthy activities, and in the end the money gets donated to a very deserving causes. What more can you ask for, right? There really isn’t anything quite like doing something fun for the benefit of someone else. I’m proud to say that we were able to donate over $400 to Team Parkinson thanks to these awesome students who came out for a night of sweaty, fabulous fitness!

I love what I do, and I go to bed every night knowing for sure that I’m glad I started Now’s Your Chance. In moments like these, it’s not about the classes, or the facility rentals, or the nail designs, or the custom apparel. It’s about the money that I earn that gets put toward running these events, that in turn raise money for awesome people or organizations out there who could really use the financial help.

So why do you love what you do?

If you have an answer for that question — that’s wonderful! Keep it going. But if you have to pause and think about it, or perhaps if you have to interrupt your answer by saying “Well, I don’t really LOVE…” then I think you ought to take a step back and look at where you’re headed.

Sure, not everyone is going to love what they do. But that one thing you don’t love doesn’t have to be the only thing you’re doing right now, does it? Why not add something to your life that will bring the happiness meter up a notch? Give financially to a charity, if you can manage it. Become a weekly or monthly volunteer somewhere. Make a goal to read a book every month. Make a fitness activity a regular staple in your everyday routine. Whatever it takes — finding and doing something you LOVE is a great way to improve your outlook on life and get you on your way to doing good for other people too.

Your mission this week: give thanks for what you do have and for the sacrifices others have made to provide you with the live you’re living now (Thank you all U.S. military and veterans, again!). Then go out and try something new, because you never know what good things you may end up doing in service of others as a result of a new experience. 🙂

Get to it! And stop by and say hello on my facebook page if you need any tips or suggestions on where to start. Take care!



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