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12587815_sI’d love to hand-deliver a love letter to you, today!

You know, one of the biggest heartbreakers I get the unfortunate opportunity to witness every day is YOU feeling bad about yourself. Beating yourself up. Feeling bad because you ate this or that, or because you didn’t have enough time with this person, or you’re not making enough money, you haven’t met your goal or made progress, etc.

It breaks my heart! Especially with the change in season, with holidays coming up (my absolute favorite time of the year!). You should be happy and feel loved! You deserve to be happy, you know!

So I’d love to give you some words of encouragement and love, because I truly think you have a right to feel supported when you need it, and not just when it’s convenient for other people.

The following words will touch your heart and make you feel cherished and appreciated, especially if you have felt bad about something you’ve done or failed to do in the past. Read them carefully and allow them to help you understand just how great you really are, inside and out.

You are enough, just as you are.

No matter your size, income, social status, color, or personality type — you are okay, just the way you are. If you’re alone right now (or you just feel alone!) then you are just as worthy as if you were surrounded by 30 supporters cheering you on and rooting for you.

You may or not be ready for change, and that is okay. 

Sure, there’s a difference between passively thinking “wouldn’t it be nice” to “I’ll be damned if I have to make another new years resolution AGAIN!” But no matter what your thoughts are right now — and where you are in the stages of change, you’re okay right where you are.

Stages of Change from  http://www.diabetesinfo.org.au/


If there’s a class you think you should try, and you know how great you’ll feel if you go, but you’ll see how you feel and you’d rather not commit right now — it’s okay. You may not be ready for change, and that’s a valid place to be, honestly. Change is kind of crappy sometimes. Sometimes it’s great and leads to awesome experiences, but the only way you’ll appreciate it is if you’re ready for it. You have to decide for yourself.

You tried something new. BUT! You couldn’t stick with it, or you stuck with it and it just made you MISERABLE. Or your stuck with it and you just wanted to get your money and your wasted time back and run for the door.

You know what I’m talking about. You know that ackward experience that you put yourself in, hoping it would change things for the better but it just didn’t? That big opportunity that you took, and then had to back out of, because it just wasn’t right for you?

That’s okay! The fact that you even made the effort, and STARTED something new says a lot about how much courage and potential change you have in you. Not a lot of people have tried what you’ve tried. In fact, most people hear it, see it, understand it, and then ignore it. But you took a step forward and that is worth something. That makes YOU amazing, even if you don’t believe in yourself right now.


It is amazing how much you listen to yourself. Make sure that the words you use are kind ones. You deserve nothing less.

I believe in YOU!





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