Why I’m Worried About You


Hey there!

Stuff is getting crunchy for me over here. (Crunchy means interesting, in this context). And I figure I’ll take my own problem and teach you something with it — both for the sake of fulfilling my calling as a leader and also for some accountability so I don’t fall back on this crap again.

Do you ever feel a little off track, and everything you do seems too “try hard” and bogus? 

Hey, guess what. I learned through some deep psychological woo-woo work that when you don’t act like yourself, you start to not feel like yourself. Deep stuff, right? 😉

I’ve been worrying too much again, lately. I’m a worrier.

I worry that I’m posting and emailing too much.

I worry that I’m not asking for help enough to set a good example for you.

I worry that maybe I’m too far ahead of you in the fitness world for you to think I can help you make your situation work. I worry that people who don’t speak up feel as guilty and ugly as I did when I refused to get help losing weight and I was doing it the painful way (a.k.a starving. Not cool.)

Then I realized that worrying isn’t really my jam. Worrying is the old tactic I used back when I was grieving as a pre-teen. Or when I was recovering from mentally abusive teachers in architecture school. Or if you wanna go way back, when I was worrying about talking in front of other people and breaking out of my crippling shyness as a kid (worrying about even starting something. Now THAT is not useful, for sure!)

Okay, there’s the problem. Time for solutions!

Let me bust out my answer sheet, for ya:

Step 1: I’m junking the worrying, first of all. Worrying keeps the problem inside where no one knows about it but me. That’s not good for anyone.

Step 2: I’m replacing the worrying with an activity that lights me up.

  • Instead of worrying about whether or not I should email you more or less and send you workouts or nutrition tips, I’m going to assume you know how to google or search pinterest. I’m letting go of my tendency to hand-hold!
  • Instead of worrying that I’m not setting a good example for you, I’ll ignore the self-doubt. I’m also share more of myself in the facebook group to highlight the perks of getting help when you need it and being damn proud of yourself when you do. 🙂
  • Instead of worrying  that I can’t help you make your situation work, I’ll let you decide if you situation even NEEDS work. My biggest failure has been in assuming you’re not doing well, when you actually could be feeling INCREDIBLE and I’m worrying over nothing. I know you’ll ask for help if you need it. (Hey, I feel better already!)

Instead of worrying that you feel ugly, I’ll send you happy juju sprinkles and keep supporting you in the Facebook group, where we have the most fun staying on track together. And let’s face it, Facebook is more fun than email anyway, right?




Thank you for being part of my life. Thanks for the giggles, the selfies, the workout suggestions, and the check-ins that keep us both accountable.

Thank you for being imperfect like me.

I believe in you! Time to believe in yourself!



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