Last Chance! Pilot Member Pricing for the Tech-Challenged

Hello my tech-challenged entrepreneur friends. 🙂 I hope you’ve had a wonderful month of October and you’re ready for the awesomeness of my favorite time of year — The Holiday Season! Yaay!

Not to freak you out or anything, but it’ll be Christmas before you know it, then New Years, then the big ol’ “everybody’s launching something!” shabang that’s bound to happen in January. That means you better get your shizzle together right NOW so you don’t panic when it’s January 3rd and you should be slapping together ANYTHING to make a free challenge and email list and fix the Paypal fiasco you’ve been ignoring for weeks.

Yep. Time to buckle down.

This month, I experimented a bit. And then I loved what happened so much that I quit my job.

In three weeks of my Pilot Members Tech Support group, we covered a whole lot of all the tech you need in your business, but makes your head spin.

  • The pros/cons of the tools you’re considering now vs waiting until later.
  • Email service providers (and why you should choose one over another)
  • How to set up a paypal link to accept payment without a website. 
  • How to create a challenge.
  • How to use Canva and Picmonkey to create free graphics without an expensive graphic designer.
  • And more!

In addition to that, I even extended their October membership into November so they have extra time to implement. See, it pays to be one of Rochelle’s Pilot Members. 😉

become a pilot member now

This weekend is your last chance to join us at the introductory rate of $21 per month. Starting November 1st, membership goes up to $97 per month. Get all of your questions answered by me, personally, with a video walkthru and super transparent, sometimes blatant honesty when it comes to marketing tools and business tech (things like how I’m pretty miffed about Aweber and never recommend it to anyone, ever).

Check out the video second video below for a sneak peak preview into how the group works!

As a Pilot Member, you lock in the $21/month membership fee for LIFE as long as you keep your membership. That’s a whole lot of savings, plus first dibs (and additional discounts) when I offer new services.

That includes a super secret tech mentorship that will take you from zero to LAUNCH in January next year, for a very small, limited number of lucky folks. First dibs go to Pilot Members!

If you get frustrated with all the tools and options and you have a LOT of questions regarding the tech behind your business, you need to get in here. Don’t wait until the price goes up. Become a Pilot Member now!

become a pilot member now


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