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Free workouts and recipes?

There are a TON of fitness resources on the internet. But these three are the ones I suggest you stay subscribed to, simply because I’ve found them SO helpful over the years. And hey, you don’t lose 25+ pounds just hoping to find time and going off instinct. 🙂   Emails to keep: MyFitnessPal — […]

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Those Awful “Before” Photos

These past few weeks have been really wild for me, for reasons I’ll probably explain in a later newsletter. (Mostly because if I tell you the whole story I’ll get all emo and no one likes too much emo… so I’ll wait. Or if you really wanna know you can ask me.) Let’s talk about […]

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You Can Make It Work

Hey there! I hope you’re still filled with lots of HOPE and EXCITEMENT about your fitness goal! (And if you’re not, then keep reading!) Maybe you’ve had this experience. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had more time and energy to work out? Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to struggle with junk food cravings […]

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