Business Tech for the Totally LOST!


Register by October 7th to get 78% off | Become a Pilot Member in our October 2016 group!biz-tech-totally-lost

This is for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed about your tech tools
  • You’re interested in the full process of getting started to having a finished, active funnel that’s ready for your next challenge, webinar, etc.
  • You’d like to pick an expert’s brain get unlimited feedback and tech support
  • You want to be able to set up an email sales funnel yourself without a virtual assistant
  • You want in on some epic freebies and future discounts (how about 78% OFF, for starters?)

What you’ll get:

  1. A full 31 days to ask as many questions as needed. And you’ll see that you’re not the only one with those questions. 😉 
  2. A month to implement what you learn, plus accountability to get those tasks off your to-do list and DONE, once and for all!
  3. More in-depth video training and the opportunity toa sk additional questions and see video responses on any missing pieces. 
  4. Behind-the-scenes access to every step I take in creating my FIRST opt-in freebie for my brand new business, code named Epic Freebie – A list of pros/cons for choosing your basic starter tools.

Expect some PDFs and screenshots to make it as beginner-friendly as possible!

Grab your seat with Pilot Member Pricing at $21

(That’s 78% off my projected $97 monthly fee in 2017. I mean. Come on.)

You in? Let’s do it!

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