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Hey guys!

Here’s my deal. I’m trying my very best to own up to how I feel about everything in my business (a big thanks to my mastermind Own It for leading me to this frame of mind!). You know, like how I decided to be the one person in the universe who doesn’t have her own Facebook group. Or how I do tech stuff but I refuse to be a VA.

One thing has been bothering me a LOT.

Stated simply — I don’t like how people act one way in one group, then another way in another group. And I’m active in a LOT of Facebook groups, so I see this pretty often.

In one group, people will be like “I’m so confident and happy! This is the life of my dreams! You can have this too if you’ll just believe in yourself!” and then in another group they’ll be like “Oh my gosh guys this is so hard and I feel like a dumbass like WHAT am I doing wrong, and I feel safe here so I’ll share what’s really going on.”

I just don’t get it.

I feel everyone deserves to hear the honest answer (the second one). Don’t you?

I mean I understand feeling safe, and only sharing what you’re comfortable sharing. And it’s none of my business how other people run their business.

But I CAN stay honest and transparent myself. And try my very best not to do this thing that annoys me about other people.

So! I’m starting a new thing to see how it feels. Basically a behind-the-scenes look at what I’m up to and how things really feel on the other side of business.

What’s the password? It’s the one I sent out to my besties (aka my email list subscribers). Join us using the form below if you want the password!

Some stuff covered:

  • My messy notsuitablefortheinternet room
  • The two masterminds I’m in
  • How I plan to make $5,000 before the end of the year
  • Paying $40/hour for a virtual assistant
  • And whole lot of honest personality

Update me! What are your end-of-year business plans? Reply in the comments at the bottom of this page!


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