Those Awful “Before” Photos

These past few weeks have been really wild for me, for reasons I’ll probably explain in a later newsletter. (Mostly because if I tell you the whole story I’ll get all emo and no one likes too much emo… so I’ll wait. Or if you really wanna know you can ask me.)

Let’s talk about something more cut and dry:

Why haven’t you taken your before photos yet?

And no, I’m not talking about that one “bad” photo of you that’s really unflattering.

I mean the ones you keep avoiding because they make you feel bad. You know the ones. Where you face the camera without special angles or lighting or your super secret waist-slimming belt (my mom had one of those, they’re not super secret, by the way).

The photos where you don’t suck in so you can see honestly if your waist line really has gotten smaller or wider.

The photos that make you cry because they always look worse than you were expecting.

You haven’t taken them because you know they’re gonna be horrifying.

They’re ugly. They’re unflattering.

They make you feel WORSE.

And honestly, any sane person would avoid ANYTHING that makes you feel ugly and WORSE, right?

Here’s the deal, though.

They’re supposed to make you feel like you still have work to do.

If I helped you take all of your photos and showed them to you and you were DELIGHTED — then I would be worried.

Here’s the truth:

No one likes taking “before” photos.

But if you have something about yourself that you want to improve, you’ll take them anyway.

Taking “before” photos takes GUTS.

It means you are serious about making progress this time.

It means you are letting go of excuses about time and money and energy when it comes to getting fit.


Because taking “before” photos doesn’t take long. It doesn’t cost anything. And it’s EASY to do.

Taking “before” photos is easy. And you only have to do it ONCE in your life.

Can I show you?

I made a video showing you exactly how easy it is to take your “before” photos. You only have to do this ONCE and you’re off the hook for the rest of your life.

Side note:
I was not always happy and smiling and willing to help, and I sincerely hope you never feel as low as I did when I was overweight, depressed, and just plain miserable 20 lbs ago. It wasn’t even that long ago, either — maybe 5 years, tops? I hope to help you through this journey with as much love and support as possible!

I believe in you. Rip off the bandaid and take your photos! Let’s get you started for the LAST time!


ACTION STEP: Comment below with your #1 reason why you have NOT taken your “before” photos! Fess up! Go!

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