Aim for 100% positivity to overcome shyness and GROW your happiness!

Good morning chance takers! Happy Tuesday. I had an awesome weekend packed with lots of fun and lots of activity. On Saturday I participated in the U-Jam Fitness Anniversary party and got to perform a song on stage with several other certified instructors. On Sunday I got to watch my sister complete her first mini triathlon and had SO much fun! Needless to say, my legs and feet were very sore today and it took a lot of sleeping and time in my compression socks to get back to normal. I also had a super fun Monday class, as usual!


Today I’m writing to talk to you about being positive for yourself and also as a way of uplifting others.

I am a spell proclaimed professional spectator. This weekend I went to support my sister in her first mermaid triathlon and I was so excited for her. I had my cow bell, my stick clappers, my video camera, my pocket chair, and I was ready to go. I told her before the event started, “I am 100 percent confident that this is going to go well.” I could feel it! I even did my trademark fists in the air that I do when I have no doubt or I”m super excited about something (both were applicable to this situation). She had trained so hard, she was at the top of her physical fitness and she was ready, despite nervousness s or stress she was feeling pre-event that morning. Guess what, she did AWESOME! We were so proud of her, she performed her best and even beat her goal time by four minutes. My sister the powerful woman!

My point is that positivity is contagious and inspiring. While I don’t take credit for her success due to my confidence in everything going well that day, I do think I did something good by proclaiming how sure I was that everything would go well. And mind you, I don’t feel 100% confident about anything. EVER. I’ve developed a healthy habit of taking risks and preparing well, but I’ve never even thought that statement to myself before, much less proclaimed it to someone else that I had no doubts about their success.


Say it with me:

I am 100% confident that this is going to go well.

That statement can be applied to your life and your situation no matter what you are facing right now, today, tomorrow, or next week. And despite the cocky undertone, it’s actually true. You are guaranteed to always have good experiences in life, no matter if things go your way or not. If your situation cleans itself up, then fantastic! You’re on your way. If you meet some (or several) roadblocks on the road, you will learn how to climb over them, fix them, overcome them, and you’re on your way even stronger than you were before. I encourage you to approach life with this attitude: Be 100% confident that things will go well, and that everything happens for a reason.

Maybe you are one of those people who have a difficult time doing things for yourself and find it easier to devote your time and attention to your loved ones. Although I encourage you to make that shift and take care of yourself first (after all, God has never intended for you to be unhappy and wants you to feel successful!) you may be able to take that habit of uplifting others and use it to your own personal advantage.┬áDirect your positivity toward other people and help them build confidence in themselves and you’ll see a great, positive change taking place in your own life.

I hope this was helpful to you! Do something today to make yourself happy, and push yourself to try new things whenever you can. I’m here for you and I”m rooting for you! Take care!





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