Hi there! I’m Rochelle.

Marketing Mentor for online business owners who feel tech-challenged. 

This might seem like a weird way to introduce myself, but I’m quite normal:

I’m an Amazon Prime member.

I shop at Walmart.

I buy garden supplies at Home Depot.

I avoid the elementary school roads at 3:00pm

because that’s when the traffic piles up.

I always ask for bread refills at Olive Garden.

I know you need help making some money in your business, but you’re intimidated by a lot of the people out there who can help you.

I also know you shouldn’t have to spend everything you have to work with me.

I know you deserve QUALITY help and a mentor who understands that:

  • car maintenance always costs way more than you expect
  • dry cleaning band uniforms every year can add up over time
  • the cheap cat litter just doesn’t clump as well as the other kind
  • you COULD buy a $21 bottle of shampoo. Or you could buy a generic $2 bottle plus a new purse. So, duh. 

If you haven’t figured it out yet -- I keep it real with my students.

What I've learned from starting my very first online business since 2012 is that service-oriented entrepreneurship is WAY more fun if you’re just 100% honest all the time.

Yes, you do deserve $500 handbags, flying first class, and Christmas shopping without worrying about your bank account balance. 

But in the meantime, let's get you up and running RIGHT NOW, right here, right where you are.​

I hope you pursue that dream of starting your own business.

I hope you don’t give up when the first three tries bomb and your family thinks you’re nuts for going the self-employment route.

I hope you continue to have faith that things will work out in your favor.

And I hope you buy the purse and the good cat litter.

Here's some of the nice stuff people say about me:

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If you take anything away from reading this page, let it be this:

Starting your own online business and setting up a stream of income that you genuinely enjoy doesn't have to be so frustrating and difficult. 

You can do this. 

I believe in you!