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Hey... it's Rochelle!

I make courses and workshops


serviced-based solopreneurs (like YOU!)

who want to DIY the technical stuff you 

can't afford to outsource (...yet!)

This might seem like a weird way to introduce myself, but I’m quite normal:

I’m an Amazon Prime member.

I shop at Walmart.

I buy garden supplies at Home Depot.

I avoid the elementary school roads at 3:00pm because that's when traffic piles up.

I always ask for bread refills at Olive Garden.

I know you need help making money in your business, but you're intimidated by a lot of the people out there who can help you. 

I know you don't exactly have $3,000 in credit card balance to "invest" in yourself (let's face it, no one has cash when they're first starting out, right?)

I also know you shouldn't have to spend everything you have to work with me. 

Hashtag #TRUTH, yo.

Here's the deal.

Every business is unique.  Every WHY is worth pursuing.

And every business owner wants to hurl their computer across the room at some point.

Congratulations. You're normal.